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・BIG BENTO PC series
・It’s like a bento. With your choice of ingredients.
・Color : Silver, Black
・Size : 19 cm×22 cm×6 cm (7.48 inch × 8.66 inch × 2.36 inch)
・Contents: Lunch box (PC case), delicious white rice (perfect motherboard and CPU)
・The Sirius instruction manual is included and is easy to understand even for light users.
・Installation base is not standard equipment (optional)
(Note)This package is a DIY (do-it-yourself) computer kit. At a minimum, you will need the following to use it as a computer.

【Items to be prepared separately】
・Sirius SSD (SATA III)
・Sirius Memory (DDR4-2133 for Notebooks)
・OS (Windows, Linux, etc.)
・Display (HDMI, VGA)
・AC adapter 60W (12V plug: 2.5mm inside, 5.5mm outside)
・Tools such as screwdrivers and plastic gloves
・Various cables


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Let’s make unique PC yourself !

Sirius PC, it is a new style of PC, presented by start-up company, Sirius. The concept is “Let’s make unique PC yourself ! ”. Sirius PC also emphasized design. Easy to move because both are compact and like Lunch Box ! Not only the living room, but also the office stylishly. Is it really okay with a smartphone only ? Assembling Sirius PC yourself is also very good learning. Of course, upgrade and downgrade freely. By freely combining Sirius Memory and Sirius SSD, let’s assemble your favorite personal computer. You can choose Monitor, keyboard, and even if OS (operating system) freely.
“Let’s make it yourself like a lunch box. Cool Sirius PC.”

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